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Angers ballet and contemporary dance school

Guest Nadezhda

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Guest Nadezhda

I am wondering if anyone has heard o this school. It's called Anger and it's a French school, but I don't know where in France. I no longer have a contact with the person who told me about it. She gave me a link, but it doesn't work and she was not too sure about it, anyway. If anyone has the link and provide some insight, I would be very thankful.



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Guest Leigh Witchel

Nadezhda -


To prevent confusion, is it the English word "Anger" or the French city "Angers"? I have to admit I spent a bit of time wondering what anger ballet was and why they'd have a school for it. :)

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Nadezhda, you're probably talking about the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine of Angers, in France?

They have a web site there:



There is a school there indeed (Ecole Supérieure du Centre National de Danse Contemporaine), but it seems to focus more on contemporary (modern) dance rather than ballet. Unfortunately, their site doesn't give much information about the school. However, it gives the name of the director of the school, Ms Marie-France Delieuvin and an email address for the school:



There will be some changes there soon: the two directors of the Centre Choregraphique are two choreographers, Joelle Bouvier and Regis Obadia, who used to be a couple and worked together since 1980, but in 1998 they separated and from what I've read they'll leave the direction of the Centre next june. But I don't know if it will have any influence on the school.

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Guest Nadezhda

I guess I meant Angers, but I don't know anything about the school except that they have very nice ballet classes besides the contemporary classes.


The person I talked to said anger (and even wrote such an address) and because I'm no good at French I couldn't have guessed there's an s missing.



Thank you very much for your help! :)

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Here's some input that came to us via email from Cygne Blanc:


a girl is asking infos about a very known ballet school in Angers France. Estelle gave some infos about "the centre national of the danse contemporaine". But I think what the girl is reffering to is a ballet summer school.  


It is a very prestigious summer school, because a lot of the P.O.B. 's school teachers are there, even sometimes Melle Bessy. Many kids hoping being admitted to the POB school are going there. But this school is taking place only a week per year, usually in July, and it is very crowded and expensive. They don't have a website, people who want to attend have to llok for some advertisement in some of the french ballet magazines, "danser" eg  


And here I thought it was William Forsythe working on a summer choreographic workshop for a new Swan Lake where Siegfried slaps Odette around a little, and she knees him in the groin a few times to symbolize their growing intimacy.;)

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