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Rules and Policies---Special Groups and Teen Forums

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Special Groups and the Teen forums.

We have several forums that are intended for special groups -- teachers, parents of ballet students, adult ballet students, men and boys who dance, and young dancers (i.e., teenage dance students).

The Young Dancers 13-16 thread is restricted to teens in that age group and the Teacher Moderators. Any post by any other member will be deleted.


In the YD and Pointe Shoe Topics forums all new topics require a response from a Teacher Moderator or Pointe Shoe Moderator prior to anyone else responding.


Teens are asked to please not give advice on any forums. Sharing anecdotal experience is fine, but no advice!

The Young Dancers 17-22 thread is intended for preprofessional dance students as well as those in a college program and is restricted to such dancers as well as the moderators. Any post by any other member will be deleted.

We do not allow members under 18 to post their email addresses for safety reasons. However, there's a special, private forum for Young Dancers called the Buddy Board that's open (and visible) only to people between the ages of 13 and 18 who have been here for at least 21 days and made at least 30 substantive posts. When you've made that requirement, if you're interested in joining the Buddy Board, and the Young Dancers Private Forum, please notify one of the Administrators (Victoria Leigh and Momof3darlings) and they will admit you.

Pointe Shoe Topics (on the Teens board) is open to posters of any age.

The Brag Board is intended for teens.

The Adult Ballet Students forum welcomes posts by teachers who are not moderators.

We'd ask you to think of the other forums as club houses with closed, though not locked, doors.

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Addendum to sticky on Special Groups and Teen Forums:


NOTE WELL - That "campaigning" for Buddy Board by replying to very old threads, and adding posts like "Swell!" "Me too!" or "Congratulations!" or even "Now I understand," will not be counted as "substantial posts". Your threshhold for eligibility for Buddy Board entry will be increased at the discretion of the Administrator who first replies to the request for Buddy Board admittance, usually in direct proportion to the number of "throwaway posts" entered. Decisions of the Administrators are final, and are not subject to debate.

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I'd add that when the administrators see someone making multiple posts as described above by Mr. Johnson, we may temporarily block the poster's account. We have a very rarely enforced "No more than 10 posts a day" rule, but this is one instance where it will be enforced.

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