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Unacceptable feet?


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I don't know if anyone of you remembers my troublesome feet that I asked questions about a couple of months ago.


Now, when I've received Gretchen Ward Warren's book there is a section about good and bad feet. (If you cannot draw a straight line from your knee through your ankle bone with your arch beneath it then you'll have unacceptable feet.) But when she writes unacceptable feet, does she mean unacceptable for professional career or for unacceptable for pointe work in general?


Oops! I was going to post this in the Adult Student's forum...It seems as I don't have the permission to delete this post. Please move this post to the Adult Student's forum!!:)

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Suzie, there are some people who have feet that really should never be in pointe shoes. However, a reputable teacher should be able to tell you that, at least after working with you for a while. If you do not have enough arch as well as flexibility in the foot to achieve a high demi pointe, then it is unlikely that you will be able to get over the pointe of a pointe shoe properly. But we can't tell you that without seeing you, so talk to your teacher.

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