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I'm 13 and thinking about taking dance...

Guest ghetto_dancer

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Guest ghetto_dancer

Hi! I'm new to the boards. I'd like your opinion about taking dance when you're 13. Am I too old to start? :confused:

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Hi, ghetto_dancer, and welcome to the Young Dancers' Forum on Ballet Talk here at Ballet Alert! Online.


There's no reason why you shouldn't start taking classes now! :) Have a great time!

In fact, with excellent instruction (and some hard work and native talent) a career isn't out of the question, either. We have lots of queries like yours. Some are still on the active board, and some are archived. Look around, you might be surprised at some of the things we have here!

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Guest AngelinaBallerina

hi !


It is absolutely NOT too late to start!!! I started dancing when i was 12, and am now hoping and trying seriously for a career in dance, only 4 years later! It may never happen for me, but i am 100% dedicated and dance is my passion, so there is no real reason why i can't make a serious go of it!! try your best, and have fun!

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hi i stared dancin when i was 13 yrs, i was put in the 3rd from top group and now a year later im in the 2nd from top group! just really concentrate and your do fine ! good luck ! i would love a reply to see how u got on!


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Guest Dancing4Me

Hiya! 13 is certainly not to old to start. I started ballet and jazz a year ago when I was 14 and I've gotten pretty good. If you want a career in ballet you've got to work very very hard, of course, to make up for lost time, but it's not impossible or unheard of.


If you just want to dance for the fun of it, you won't be dissapointed, and you'll get some great side effects (like...you learn to be patient, and that when things are difficult you've just got to go back to square one to figure it all out) for your daily life.



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