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Ballet Talk for Dancers

IMPORTANT! Please read BEFORE posting!

Victoria Leigh

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Welcome to all new members! We ask you please to just take a moment and read these very few rules before posting on any of the above boards. (The Buddy Board will not be visible to you until you have been here at least two weeks and posted 30 substantial messages. This means something more than "Oh, right" or "I agree" :)


1. PLEASE do not use teen speak or computer speak on the board. Besides the fact that we think it is important for you to write correctly, we have a lot of members from different countries all around the world. They read English as a second language and would not understand the abbreviations and acronyms. Spell out the words, try to spell them correctly if you can. Use punctuation and capitalization so that your sentences makes sense!_ :)


2. PLEASE do not give advice on the YD boards. The moderators are professional teachers (check out their biographies on the Main site of Ballet Alert! Online by clicking on Who We Are) and their purpose for being here is to answer the questions. You are welcome to add your experiences and stories about the topic, but not advice!


3. Ballet Talk is NOT a CHAT board! It is a moderated discussion group. All chat posts will be deleted. BUT, that's why we have the Buddy Board! :) Once you get there, you may chat away. You can also post your email address there, because it is a secure area. If you post your email address anywhere except the Buddy Board, it will be deleted immediately. We do not feel that it is safe to post it on a nonsecure forum._


That's all, now enjoy Ballet Alert! Online :)




An addition from Alexandra:


We have people on these boards from many countries, and of many different religions. For this reason, we do not discuss either religion or politics on these boards, and do not allow either user names or signature names with either political or religious connotations.


Alexandra Tomalonis

Director, Ballet Alert! Online

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A little refresher of the basics never hurts from time to time. Also remember that on the main index board, this forum is:


For young dancers 17-22 ONLY to ask questions about classes, auditions, technique issues.


So if it's technique or other class or performance issue, put it here. Other topics have their own forums.

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