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Foot injury


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Hey, I have a question about my foot, which has been bothereing me for a couple weeks now.

I went to see a doctor yesterday, and the ex-rays didn't show anything, but he thinks it might be the beginings of a stress fracture. :)

The question is, what are some good things for me to do for my foot to help it get better faster? I'm still not 100% positive it's a stress fracture, because a lot of times it feels like the muscles in my arch. But any help would be appreciated greatly.


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Blackbird, as much as we would like to help you, we are not doctors here. Since you have been to the doctor, I think it best if you follow his/her advice. Were you told that it was okay to dance? Was any therapy recommended? Actually, one of the most important things you can do is try and determine what caused the problem, so that you can figure out, with your teacher, how to correct the situation. Where in the foot is the injury? When does it bother you, on jumps, relevés, tendus, everything? Do you have a tendency to over-rotate or roll inward? Have you been pushing your feet too hard working on them, or maybe doing too many jumps or relevés? How is the floor you dance on? Is it properly sprung? Just some things to investigate while you work on this. Good luck!

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Yeah, the doctor thinks it's ok to dance, but I have a big day coming up on Sunday, so just for that. My teacher and I have already started thinking of things that I could need to work on. I just wondered if anyone else had had a similar experience.


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Rest it whenever possible. Ice packs for twenty minutes while you're resting it. Compress the painful area in an ace bandage or ankle brace. Elevate the foot while resting.

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