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i will be auditioning in march for the university of utah, but i had few questions about age, technique, and flexibility issues. i will be 16 when i graduate high school in may, which puts me two years behind most other people auditioning. if i do get accepted into utah, would it be beneficial for me to stay at my dance school in alaska while attending the university here for one year before going there? i have weighed the pros and cons of this issue many times, and i am having difficulty deciding. also, i am not very flexible. i usually have both left and right splits, but i am far from the middle. i measure by palm width, and i have 2.5-3 hands to go. my extensions are also a problem. my left is fine, well placed and turned out (usually) and fairly well above 90 degrees, but a tight right hip makes my right extension difficult, uncomfortable, oddly placed, and barely above 90. at my school, our second is placed in front of our bodies with our hip completely down, while at most other schools it is directly to the side, usually with the hip raised. another issue is pirouettes. while i can usually count on fairly clean doubles, my pirouettes have been the worst part of my dancing until this year. i can occasionally make a triple, but i am always over or under turning. are clean singles and doubles enough for a college dance program?

i would appreciate any information or advice you can offer about these things and how they might affect the outcome of my audition. thank you very much, and i know for sure that whether or not i get into the university of utah, i will continue to dance, because it is worth it just to take class!

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ConstanzaElisabeth, I think you have a couple of pretty good options, actually. Since you are so young, you might want to stay home for a year and work very hard to improve your technique and then audition for Utah the following year. Perhaps take a year off from academic school and just concentrate on dance.


The other option would be to go ahead and audition, and they will know you are only 16, so what have you got to lose? Perhaps they will also talk to you, and if they are not accepting you they might tell you exactly what they would like to see improved before the next audition. Not getting it would not be a disaster, and if you get it, as long as you feel you are ready to leave home, then go for it!

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You're in a great position, you have plenty of time to explore, and gain technique. If I were you I'd audition, and if you get in, you can eithor go if you're ready or defer for a year and work on your technique at home. If you don't get in you can just work on your technique at home and try again next year. I would also recommend looking at other college dance programs to be sure that Utah is the perfect school for you :)

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