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plie in petite allegro


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Hey guys!

I'm having trouble really plie-ing in petite allegro. Sometimes it seems like there physically isn't enough time, and other times it just makes me late, which is frustrating. Does anyone have any tips on finding a good plie in VERY limited time? Thanks!



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Don't "stutter" on the way down into the plié. Some students hit fifth position (pause) and then plié. Or they hiccup by going down into a little stingy plié, and then try to let go. Don't do that. Keep the heels down, and go as deeply into the plié as the music allows, then rebound into the next movement. And don't get stuck down at the bottom of the plié, either - which is a more common fault than you'd think. Think Tigger - bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy...

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Sounds like your teacher is starting to move your classes a bit faster ;) The faster something gets, the harder it gets to make it all correct. It also needs to be smaller when it's faster. The plié in very fast petite allegro will be smaller, but it still must be there!


When something is broken, one generally has to take it apart, find out what is wrong, and put it back together. In ballet it's the same. Take the steps apart, do them one at a time, then put then together a piece at a time, like a puzzle. If it's glissade, jeté battu, temps levé, brisé fermé, for example, to take a simple and short one, just work on very fast glissade, getting the second leg in quickly and hit the plié. Then work on the jeté battu. Then put the two together. Then do the same with the next step, and then the next. Make each step correct, build its speed, then connect it.

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Thanks for the help. I will certainly try being bouncy :) and taking the steps apart. My teacher thinks this trouble with plie makes me use my feet a lot more when I'm doing petite allegro and could have contributed to my current foot problem.

Thanks! :cool:

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