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Excited and nervous


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I had a chat with my teacher after class last night. I have to go in pink tights and camisole leotard next week so she can give me a proper orthapaedic (sp??) check over, and if she thinks my body is up for it I can join the main school instead of just the 'fun' adults class!! How cool is that :D ! Just ordered some new tights because I really don't like my old ones! So excited, just had to tell you all!!


Tracey :)

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Gee! Congratulations! I hope that you'll learn a lot! What an opportunity! I whish that was me :)


Good luck at the orthapaedic check!

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Congratulations! I hope all goes well. It's both inspiring and difficult dancing with the competent teenagers. Classes with the younger ones keep your technique honest in a different way and it's great! (Speaking from the 56 year old perspective.)


What will an orthopedic check involve?

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Thanks everyone!


Old Shoe, she said she needs to see the lie of my muscles in my legs and the shadows in the tights show the way they work, and how the muscles in my shoulders interact with the ones up the back of my neck, and how my feet are structured too. This would enable her to see if she can remake a dancer of me, and if my 31 year old body can take some proper training :) !


She was really pleased when I said I'd started doing some pilates to help strengthen myself up because I don't want to go in there with huge amounts of strengthening work to do. In the class I do at the moment she doesn't do much correction because it's supposed to be 'fun', but I like to know when I'm doing something right or wrong, and my body can't remember properly what is right anymore - it's been too long since I gave up.


I trust her absolutely - she's RBS trained and did her teacher training with the RBS, and was Ballet Mistress at the Alberta Ballet in Canada for 7 years before she came home and set up on her own.



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Well, I had my check over last night - it was a bit like an audition check for a professional school - full testing of turn out, feet, flexibility, rotation - the works! Result being (not surprised really) that she didn't think I was going to be good enough to join the class she had in mind for me (she was being a bit ambitious). I have OK-ish feet, my hip rotators need loosening a bit and my right side is soooo much more flexible and strong than my left - definitely need to work on that!


She is, however, going to split the current adult class into two - one for the more advanced students like me, and one for the beginners, which is good news. However, it still leaves me with only one class a week, so I guess it's back to the search for more classes at different schools. Variety is the spice of life I guess :D .



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Guest Jeujeucda



I still say congratulations! Despite the disappointment you must feel, I admire the positive attitude you're keeping up about it. And just think, at least you have a teacher who cares enough about adult dancers to notice you have potential. AND take the extra step to check you out!


That means that just because you "didn't make the audition" this time around doesn't mean she's not still watching you over the next year or so for improvement. So keep up the work, you'll have another chance down the road!


Or send your teacher our way to mentor our teachers ;)



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I'm sorry things didn't work out with the more professional class and am glad to hear the teacher will add a more difficult adult class. I agree with Jeujeucda that there will be other opportunities, perhaps even in the main school later on. Good luck!!

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Thanks for your support. I'm not at all disillusioned - I knew it was going to be unlikely when she said which class she was thinking of! It just makes me more determined to find other places so I can dance more than once a week and learn more too. I won't leave her class - she's very good. I JUST WANT MORE (stamp foot) - a sentiment I'm sure is shared here :rolleyes: !



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Hi Tracey


I know the desire for more only too well - I'd take class every day if I could! Can you take private classes at your school? This is my asnwer to the lack of anything but weekly classes 'round my way. It's a bit pricier than group classes, but for me it's the only way I can take three classes a week.



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Mr Robin, I'd love to be able to afford private lessons, but I survive on a PA's salary and am paying Open University fees as well as ballet class fees and yoga when I can afford it. One day maybe ...... :D

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Guest mizunotenshi

Well, I'm slightly biased, but you could always take martial arts classes... Find the right instructor and style and that training can easily carryover and help improve your balance, extension, and cardio.

I'd personally suggest Taekwondo, which involves a lot of kicking. :cool:



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One thing to watch out for is anything that involves explosive movement, this can "bunch" your muscles, instead you want to look for activities that elongate your muscles.

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