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Originally posted by Nismlo

Hello to all. I'm New, just 5 lessons so far and I love it. Any pointers for body aches? Thanks for having me.



Welcome, Nismlo. As your body adapts to your new regimen, the "muscle you never knew you had" soreness will go away. Every class you take will still work those muscles but they'll be supple and able to take the load.


Massage is a wonderful thing to rebalance you and and rub away the aches.

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Three things: Stretching, stretching and more stretching. When in doubt, refer to the subject heading of -- stretching. I've gotten into a bad habit of walking out of class without stretching afterward and I'm paying for it with some incredibly tight hamstrings right now. It's possible even for us older dancers to improve our stretch and get good extention, even get fairly good splits, etc. Don't expect too much too soon, though. You push too hard you'll hurt even more.


If memory serves, the hardest part of the first year for me was the punishement my feet took. They just weren't used to all that jumping and pointing. I did a lot of work with my feet the first year I danced, soaking them at the end of the day, working out the stress. Now they really don't bother me that much. They've either adjusted or I've grown tolerant of pain! LOL;)

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Take a nice warm bath. I am a shower girl myself but when i have worked just that bit harder and my muscles feel like lead and so sore i dont want to waddle (because i cant walk) there is nothing like a warm bath. :D

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