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ADC 2003 -- Who's Going When?

2 Left Feet

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I just got the new brochure in the mail yesterday. Pretty impressive. So, who is planning on going when this year? I'd love to do two sessions like I did last year, but it looks like I will only be able to do the early August session.

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Guest mathiskewl

I REALLY was hoping to go in June, but alas, the math gods are against me. There is a huge conference that I have to attend that week:( . Hopefully I'll be able to go to one of the August sessions, but that's doubtful (I should be starting a new job then).

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I am attending June and the first August session.

I just looked at the website and brochure and noticed that another session was added since I sent my application in. I'm now debating about attending that session also, but I will have to find roommates to make everything work.

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I'll be going to one of the August sessions. Not sure which one yet, I am waiting for final dates on a reunion I wanted to attend.



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I'd like to go June. I'm not sure though. I may have a thing going in New York this autumn and if that works out it should combine better with the August session. However, there is a risk that it collides, in which case I'll go June instead. My finances haven't entirely recovered from last summer, so that's another variable. All very uncertain until late March.


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Guest fastfeets

I dont think I'll be able to take the time away. I was asked to be a part of a modern company recently, and if I commit to it, I will have no time to take off for Richmond.


However, 2LeftFeet, I'll be in LA around march 21st for a few days! Care to point out a good place for a class or two while I'm there? :)

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I just realized I didn't specify which August session I'd be attending....The first one, because the second one conflicts with the start of my fall semester classes. I look forward to seeing you all there! I might be bringing my friend Julie, who is a beautiful dancer (and person).

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I haven't decided yet. The way my work schedule for this year is going, I'm going to have a conflict no matter which session I choose. If I commit to June, then something pops up, I could theoretically reschedule to a later session, so I'll probably try that.

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Guest LA girl

Well guys, I would love to go to all three sessions but I know there is no way I'll be able to go to the June session....I'm pregnant and due on June 21st! I'll have to figure out how to work one of the August sessions but I'm not sure :) I try not to think about possibly missing ADC. I'm still taking my classes although with the extra shifts I've been working, I've been too exhausted to make all of them. And while I haven't had any pictures taken of me lately, I'm pretty darn sure that I am no longer the string bean you see on the ADC website!

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Congratulations LA girl!


Hope you can stay dancing as long as possible and get back in the studio quickly afterwards :) .



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Email me with dates and info of your trip. I also need your approximate level of technique. Happy to refer you to classes and, perhaps join you. EMail: Fullogas12@aol.com


LA Girl. Won't be the same without you at Richmond. Who will I hang out with this time? I'll be all alone, friendless, unloved... Can you tell I'm catholic AND jewish? He, he, he... My ability to project guilt know no limits.

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