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ADC 2003 -- Who's Going When?

2 Left Feet

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I've got no money and couldn't probably take the time off even if I had. :) I hope to make the camp here in Finland, though.

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Guest dancerwannabe

Ummm Hello La Girl??? What about your roomie?? Who am I going to hang out with... guess I'll have to find another old hat:oP I would like to go to the Early August ADC if possible. I need a roomate.. anyone interested?


Am extremely out of shape.. I think I have been tainted by the BA scientist bug and am now finishing up some science credits at UK for a biology degree. Class interrupts dance class. So I will have to take up again with private classes but am having a hard time finding someone who will teach me.. even if I pay'em too.. Imagine that!

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Congratulations, LA girl! As I recall, turning when pregnant is really fun--somehow that stomach whips you around (although your releve may not be much by then...).


I'm going to Richmond for the June session for sure and am thinking hard about the first August session. I would need a roommate for the first August one too.

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LKGirl, I'm so happy for you! Let's see workshop was early August, you're due mid June.............must of been a happy homecoming! Do you know what your're having, etc...., send me an e-mail

You'll be missed in June, would be hard to leave the little one so soon in August. You and 2leftfeet have always been there, darn.

Write and tell me all, you've got my my e-mail address.

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Guest mizunotenshi

I'm aiming for the July Session, which should be easier for me so I don't have to cram it in before college starts back up. Anyone else going for July session? Maybe someone to room with? Another guy, or a girl who wouldn't mind.

I've just started ballet a little while ago, but I had strength and flexibility coming in, and am taking 3 classes a week. So I think I should be ready by then, for an advanced beginners class anyways.

Just hope I can save up the money... being a poor college student sucks, but at least I'm only a few hours from Richmond. Hey, anyone else here from Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads?


Mizuno Tenshi aka P-chan

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I registered for the early August session. Jan J. and I are planning to room together again. I'm so looking forward to Dance Camp 2003.


2LF, who do you think you're kidding with the "alone, friendless, unloved" bit?


Congratulations to LA girl. Here's wishing you a healthy pregnancy, a short labor and a beautiful baby. On that note, another camper from last Aug. will not make it for the same reason. Stacey, or "Blondie", is also pregnant, due in August.


Cant wait to see all of you early Aug campers. It's so great to see old friends, and new, who are ballet nuts like me.



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Thrilled to hear your comnig in early August. I should eat with you in the mornings, save money and get some free oatmeal.:D

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