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ADC 2003 -- Who's Going When?

2 Left Feet

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Guest karenfixe

I've already sent in my application and check for the early August session. Anders, I'm looking forward to meeting you... you've got great lines in the pix you posted.


Anyone looking for a roommie for the Aug 3-9 session?





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I must be nuts because even though I had already signed up for the June session, I have now signed up for early August as well. I can hardly wait!


Karen, I may be looking for a roommate that week, but won't know for a while.

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Guest Robson

Hello to everyone I met last year in August. I registered for the early August session again. I can't stop thinking about it!

(I'm the guy from British Columbia)

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I can't wait to experience for myself this program you all are raving about! I'm signed up for the June session. Can't wait to meet those of you who are going then. :cool:

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Everyone seems to be going to the June or early August session. I will be going to the late August session if everything works out. I was hoping to get the chance to meet some of you there, but it sounds like I will miss a lot of you. I still can't wait!:)

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Hi Everyone:


I will be going to the June Session. Can't make the August ones do to conflicts on travel schedules within the family unit. Look forward to seeing all of you who will be there in JUNE.



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Guest after5

Hi there,


I will attending the June session! I just mailed my application, but Ms. Pankoff assured me that there are still available spots. I can't wait.


I do have a couple of questions for the veterans:

1. Which variations were you taught in the repertoiry and variation classes?

2. How much cash should one bring? Any approximation would be helpful. :-)

3. Is anyone looking for a roomate to split a hotel room? I am. :-)





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Last year we learned variations from Swan Lake and from Paquita. I think it varies from year to year. Tristi, one of the teachers, did a great job of simplifying the choreography so that everyone could participate. As for money, bring more than you think you will need, as there are a lot of "extras" that you may want to indulge in--t-shirts, photographs, dinners out with small and large groups, a mid-week massage, etc...In addition, there is an outing to a local dance store--they have a large selection of skirts, leotards, and pointes. The hotel lobby ATM machine charges $2. for a withdrawl (in addition to any extra charged by your own bank), so bring cash or traveler's checks.

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Last June, I think I remember that the combined levels 1 & 2 did both repertory and variations from Paquita. In level 3 we did the Kitri variation (slowed waaaay down and only half of us on pointe) from Don Quixote and a corps de ballet bit of Paquita. The level 3 pas de deux piece was sort of jazzy and none of us were on pointe; the level 1 & 2 one had some on pointe and some not.


I agree with Luna that it's nice to have enough in the budget so that you can eat out rather than saving half the (large) lunch the camp provides and to get a massage. Last year I spent more money than I meant to because I forgot about the necessary air conditioning in June in Virginia and didn't bring winter ballet layers. It's not cold in the studios themselves, but I got very cold in the hall between classes and at lunch and had to buy a sweat suit.


See you in June!

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Guest after5

luna, old shoe


Thanks a lot for the info. The variations sounds like a lot of fun. I am really looking forward to it.


old shoe,

THANK YOU SO MUCH MENTIONING THE AC!!!! I get so cold, and I probably would not bring much of the warm up clothes because I would be counting on the summer temperatures. Here, in South FL, even with AC, it doesn't even get cool around the studio. :(


See you in Richmond!!!



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I recieved my information package today for the Aug. 17th session, and I noticed there is not a shuttle service from the RIC airport to the hotel (but the hotel does shuttle other places) Any suggestions for easy transportation from the airport to the hotel??

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Dowtown is maybe 10 minutes from the airport in heavy traffic. If all else fails, I'm sure you could arrange a cab. The hotel hosts several of the airlines, so they're constantly making runs to the airport. You could always call the hotel the morning of or day prior to see if they have a run scheduled around the time you arrive. Also, chances are others will be arriving throughout the day. You could make arrangements with somone else who is renting a car, etc.


I'd keep posting here as the date gets closer. Chances are the topic of getting to and from the airport will come up again.

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Guest karenfixe



Thanks for bringing up this topic. I've got to be in Miami, FL for a few days prior to camp (Aug 3 session) and the earliest I can get in Saturday night is 9:45pm. :) I wish I didn't have to miss the Meet and Greet, but RIC isn't that popular of an airport. ;)


As it gets closer, I'll call the hotel and see if they've got any shuttles going or else maybe someone here will want to double up on the cab?


See y'all soon!

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Last summer, we took a cab upon arrival and got a ride with the shuttle back to the airport at the end of camp. I don't remember the cab ride being horribly expensive.

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