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ADC 2003 -- Who's Going When?

2 Left Feet

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Robson and Prince Rob, good to hear you're coming back! I'll see both of you in June and August.


I find the studios very cool in the am, even tho I am from wet ole Oregon. I need leg warms and cover ups for am and lunch and big socks to get my feet going.


I will be arriving 4:30 Sunday for the June session and always just grab a cab so I can catch up w/the others. But if someone else is coming in late on Sunday I would be happy to share a cab. I can wear my ADC t-shirt to stick out. The RIC airport is really little, hard to miss anyone.


Oooooo, can hardly wait. My pirouettes on pointe are getting better and better! One thing I don't hear mentioned too much, I take more than one pair of tech and pointe shoes, so I always have a dry pair.

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Guest MKdance

I just received my enrollment packet( I will be going in June), and was going over the list of things to bring. I am wondering what sort of stretching mat people bring, and where to get it.



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Good question! I'm curious to hear the reply to that as well as another question I've been wondering about... What length character skirt should I buy? (the ones in Discount dance are 18", 24", or 30"...and I'm about 5' 7")...and do I really need one for only one class? I hate to spend $20 on something I'll wear only once. Any suggestions for a place to get one cheaper? Thanks.

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Guest DancerLegs

I'm already excited about camp, and it's only April! :)

In response to the last 2 questions: last year I got an ordinary exercise mat at Walmart for $10, money well spent. It made stretch class more comfortable, and I also used it to sit on for lectures (the floor felt cold when I was all sweated up from other classes). And the character skirt and shoes did make that class much more fun for me. If you don't want to buy an "official" dance skirt, keep your eyes open when out shopping - I saw something very similar the other day at TJ Maxx of all places. You could even try a thrift shop. I'm looking forward to seeing old buddies and meeting new friends in June. :)

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I have to laugh at myself when I see dancers going to the June session are talking about how excited they are, yet its not till June... well I am so excited my husband is going nuts listening to me talk about it...and I'm not going until the August 17th session! Ugh! My husband is going to strangle me if I keep bringing it up...so its a good thing you are all here...:)

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The middle length skirt is the one I ordered. Any full circle-type skirt would work for the character class. I did purchase one from discount dance supply last year, but found I only wore it once (there were 2 character classes offered during the camp week, but I only took one). As for the character shoes, I would recommend getting them--although not paying full retail. Danny's Warehouse online has them in a few sizes for only $10. They're not the best brand, but if you're only going to wear them a few times... As for the exercise mat, it is a good investment. I got mine from a yoga supply company called Living Arts. Don't forget to bring plenty of leotards and tights. It's always nice to change into dry dancewear at lunchtime.

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Well, I'm jealous big time. I'm under remodel at my home, so no chance to dance in Richmond this summer! I'll be killing myself moving stuff in and out of the house.


Of course, I've been waiting 10 years to have my wallet emptied into concrete and sticks and glass, so I'll just have to deal with it.


I wish you all well!

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Guest after5

I just got my welcome packet for June!!! I am pretty sure I will know it word for word by the time the weekend is over. :D


Going back to the shoe discussion, I was thinking of buying the teaching sandal, either Capezio or Bloch, and using that for both jazz and character. I need to go to the dance store and try it out before I commit myself to it, but I think that would work. Anyone has any thoughts or experiences regarding these shoes?


As for a character skirt, you could always make your own. I asked a co-worker if she could help me with sewing mine (I only know how to sew pointe shoes :) ). I bought black, lavender and patterened peach pink shiffon, and one of those will end up a character skirt, and the other two will be ballet skirts. It probably will cost me about the same, but I like to make my own ballet skirts ... If you have an actual professionally made ballet skirt, use it as a template. Once I am done cutting the fabric, I crudely burn the edges of the skirt so that it doesn't run (please be careful with the open flame), but if you are good with a sewing machine, you can hemm it nicely. So the creative ones out there, you can make a fashion statement with your character and ballet skirts, and save some money and have some fun in the process!

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Are those thin sort of sticky yoga mats fine for the stretch mat? My Grandmother has one I can borrow, and I don't usually need too much padding for stretching...we don't use any in my body alignment class.

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Trying to determine my work schedule for this summer has been a pain in the "heinisty" (I'll have to get the official spelling of that word from Pedro). However the calendar is starting to fill out enough that I'm willing to take the gamble on which week I can fit ADC into the plan. And the winner is... (drum roll please) - the first August session! I know many people have already signed up for that week so I'm sending in my money hoping it hasn't filled already.


Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones!


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Guest serenade

I haven't had the chance to check out the buddy board in months, but thought I would log in to see who's going to Richmond. I'll be going to first August session. Aren't you all excited to hear that ;) !! I'm excited to see many you again, including Carole, Jan, 2LF and Bruce! Until August...




Hey dancerwannabe...I don't know if I'm flying or driving yet. email me if you are going to the first August session.

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Ah, yes, I'm so looking forward to seeing you and Pedro in a love-fest again!



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Guest serenade



Are you referring to ME with this talk of a "love-fest" with Pedro. My memory is vague... was I there? Or are you talking about the dancing at Hanvana 59? I was sent many impressive pictures of the evening from fellow campers...including the limbo contest! Any challengers this year?



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Guest fastfeets

Weeeellll, since you asked (snicker), I'm not going this year. I know, I know...settle down. I know you're all quite disappointed, but it's just not possible this year. With my many obligations here, and this and that creeping up, I can't seem to find the time to break away. *feigns haughty exhaustion*


Seriously, I went to LA earlier this year, cost a small fortune, and we're having some very intense clinics at my current studio through most of the summer, and I really can't break away til the last session (which is sold out by now, I believe), and that'd be over my birthday (which would be sad and lonely). So....I no go this time. :D


Have fun and try and give me a good thought once or twice... ;)


Ed, I'd emailed you a while back about classes in LA, but never heard back from you. I took a class at Edge on friday night while I was there, though....great place....pricey and intimidating as all get out, though. Would have been great to have met up with some ballet folk, though. Dratted parties were a bore. ;P

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