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ADC 2003 -- Who's Going When?

2 Left Feet

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I crudely burn the edges of the skirt so that it doesn't run (please be careful with the open flame), but if you are good with a sewing machine, you can hemm it nicely. [/b]


Here's a tip regarding finishing off edges, try a soldering iron (one of those small ones) instead of an open flame! Less likely that you gorgeous chiffons will go up in flames! WHOOSH! And neater too.


Sorry to be off topic, but let me add that I'm incredibly jealous of you lot!



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Sorry, Serenade. I thought you were out friend from Lexington for a moment.


Fastfeets, my mind is a fog of travel and jet lag. I can't recall getting the email. I'm sorry. I would have warned you about Edge. I loath that place. It's all hype and no substance: Floors are slippery, teachers who take liberty with the word "ballet" when describing their technique. Theres only one there I know worth mentioning, Nicole Harlan.


There are far better studios in town. Sorry I didn't get your message. Did you PM me? I've never had this PM stuff right with my account. Even now it says I have 3 messages and there's none in my box. Strange.


I'm gonna take a nap.



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Guest fastfeets

Ed, it's ok. I'd emailed. Didn't think to PM it. I haven't even used my PM thingie on here. LOL. Edge was ok, and I took Nicole's class while I was there, actually! :D But yes, the floors are slippery, and there seemed to be a very superficial feel to the whole place. But a class is a class, and it felt good to be 'on vacation' but still disciplined enough to get one class in.


I'll be wandering that way again sometime not too far off...I'd love to hear some good places to take a few classes.



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One of my instructors urged me to go. Before that, I had been uncertain, but I've taken the plunge and will be going to the August 17-23 session.


I have just a couple minor questions, that I hope 2LeftFeet can answer? Is the men's white leo for the performance a tank or short sleeves or what? Also, what are men's character shoes?

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Guest beckster

I have made my own character skirt, and I suggest that (if you just need a standard RAD-style black cotton one) you make one too. You can buy a circular skirt pattern from many of the pattern companies, usually in the fancy-dress section under 50's skirts or something. The fabric is cheap (mine cost something like £5), and if you are only wearing it once you don't need to bother sewing ribbons on or anything, which is both pricey and time-consuming.

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So sorry about the missed email. I do recall it now. Do contact me again next time and I promise not to flake on you. You were actually very close to some of the best classes in LA. They're at the Dance Arts Academy not far from Edge. http://www.danceartsacademy.com/


Email or PM me next time and I will make every effort to meet you for class one day.




The whole men's leo thing is new this year. Personally I rarely wear them so I guess I'll have to get one and get used to it. Character shoes: I really wouldn't go out and spend $60.00 on shoes for a class you may not even take. I have never been interested in the class and usually skip it. But, Anders looked like he was having a blast in it last year. I recall he did the class in black ballet shoes.


I'm glad your teacher convinced you to do it. There's realy nothing to fear here, though I do stress it's important to have at least a year of training before you try it. While they make efforts to accomodate absolute beginners, it seems people enjoy it more when they know more coming in. But go, relax and enjoy it. Everyone is there for the passion and the fun of it. That's what makes it so great.

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:D:P :P

I was just looking over this thread to see who would be at the early August session--looking forward to seeing everyone! Now that the snow is almost all melted up here summer suddenly seems a lot closer.

Sheila, are you planning to continue the red wine tutorial you so graciously began last year??



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Wow, it helps to read these strings. I have not been on here much and enjoy reading about everyones activities and who is attending when.


I did not know that a white leotard was required. I guess I missed that in the welcome packet.


Sleeveless is my personal choice and what I will wear.


Where was that on the Welcome Packet????????


It is probably a better idea than just white T-Shirt.


See you all in JUNE ! ! !



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They don't call me winelady for nothin'. I have a couple of finds I would really like to bring back and share (since the wine in Virginia, well let's say....), but just how many bottles can I stuff in my bag!

Are you coming in June or August? Only 7 weeks. Can hardly wait!

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I'll be going to the first August session. Attending in June would have made me miss my first child's 7th birthday, and the late August session is during my 3rd child's 2nd birthday! The first week in August is perfect for me-- I don't have to miss anything but housework!!!!!!:(

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Hello, Everyone!



The BNJ (Beautiful New Joisey) contingent is finally checking in...


I'm planning to be at the June 15-21 and August 3-9 sessions. My ballet buddy Tessa Sherman will be at the August 17-23 session. Not sure of others' schedules - I'll check in with them and let you know....


Looking forward to seeing my old "Ballet Boot Camp" friends and meeting new ones!



Carolyn Lewis ;o)



(Richmond June 2002 & August 2001; Michigan 1999; Bridgewater 1998 & 1997. Whew - guess that makes me one of the alums. Hope I got all the dates right!)

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Chat De Pas!


I have to ask if you picked your BA name because of the ballet "The Green Table".


The diplomats at the "peace table" perform the step in "the lobby".

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Hello, glebb -


I picked the name "Chat de Pas" because the pas de chat is one of my favorite ballet steps (fun to do, but difficult to execute so that it looks like anything!) - and because someone else was already using "Pas de Chat" on eBay! That's it in a nutshell...


As for "The Green Table", I've never seen it performed, although I have heard of the ballet for many years. It's definitely on my list to see, if a company decides to revive it...


Carolyn ;o)



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Guest *Lili*

I'm soo jealous of all of you who can easily make it to ADC!! :P I first heard about that summer camp last year, and couldn't make it then... And I don't think it will be possible this year neither. :) Well I think I'll try to take a week off from work (not being paid!) to attend first session in august. If there are any places left?? If by any chance this is possible, I'll have to save every $ until then... or having my credit card full! I want to go sooo much!!! Even if I'd probably be the only french speaker there! :D


Does anyone who attend this summer take the half-day tuition? I've read about it on the adult dance camp web site. I was wondering if the half-day classes are the ones in the morning from 9h30 AM to 1H00 PM? Since I find the full day tuition very expensive (well in CAD $)... that could be a better choice what do you think?


Well I hope I can make it... if I don't, you'll see me next year for sure! ;)

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Guest IUdancer

Hi Lili,


I hope you can make it!! If you do (and if it's the same one at which I end up...not sure which August session I might be able to do yet), then we can speak french together. :-) I lived in Aix-en-Provence last year, and am going to Strasbourg in September to teach English. I just finished a class on La Francophonie de l'Amerique du Nord, and my prof was québécoise, so I think I just might be accustomed to your strange accent by now. :-) Well, à bientôt, j'espère - et vive la danse!



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