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ADC 2003 -- Who's Going When?

2 Left Feet

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This is good news that so many of us 50-somethings are returning! I'm looking forward to it, already trying to increase my # of classes per week without hurting something or losing my job.



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Guest DancerLegs

Hey Sarah,

The 40-something contingent appears to be alive and well and headed to Richmond also! :) But what's this talk of a job? I thought you were a lady of leisure now?

I am currently a lady of leisure (if you call months of wrestling boxes and juggling contractors leisure) since we moved to Ohio for my husband's work. My official title is "trailing spouse".


I'm looking forward to seeing you and Erica, and everybody else, next month!


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The people who usually do half day tuition are mostly locals who have a home/job to go to in the afternoon. I think if you are going to travel to VA and stay in the hotel, you'll be much happier if you can swing full day tuition. You don't want to sit in a hotel room all afternoon while your fellow campers are in variations or partnering class. If you get a roommate, that will cut your hotel bill in half. If you can't find a roommate here on the boards, Heidi may be able to help you.


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I believe the half day classes are the ones in the morning. I definitely agree with Carole's post that it would be difficult to go all that way and only do the morning classes. The variations, repertoire, and pas de deux that make this camp so different from classes at home (for me at least) happen mostly in the afternoon. Also, those classes are so much fun! Hope you can come.


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I'd kind of lost track of who was going where and when, so I wrote it all down this morning:


June Session:

Luna, Sheila (with her friend 2 buck Chuck), Skittle, Dancerlegs, Old Shoe, Mic31, Hjete, PrinceRob, After5, MKDance, Chat de Pas, Onyx


Early August:

Luna, Sheila, Skittle (?), Buglady, Anders and his Oatmeal, Barretalk, Dancerwannabe, Old Shoe, Ce, KarenFixe, Robson, Serenade, Chat de Pas, 2 Left Feet


Undecided: Mizunotenski, IUdancer


2nd August:

Pointehill, Hilarion, Sylphide, Skittle (?)


I know Jim Bob Beam is going to the Early August session.


For those who know LA Girl, shes happy, healthy and definitely bigger, but still manages to get a couple of classes in each week. She just doesn't move so fast these days. I have noticed she spends a lot more time doing Sautes with a determined look on her face. Wonder what thats about.:)


I hate that I can't be there in June. Schedule conflict.

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Hello, Everyone!



Here's some news from Heidi Pankoff in Richmond:


She still has room for students in the third session of the Adult Dance Camp (August 17-23).


Those of you who go to that session will have a special treat in store!


Heidi has asked Eddie Verso and his wife, Karen Stasick Verso, to teach at that session. Although the Versos are new to the Richmond ADC, they both have had long careers in teaching and in dance, with great credentials. (In fact, if you've ever seen the movie of "West Side Story", you'll spot a very young Eddie Verso as one of the Sharks!)


My personal experience with the Versos is that they are both superb teachers, with a great sense of humor, and they LOVE teaching adult students. After hearing about Richmond from Tessa, Marcela, and me (ad infinitum!), they are looking forward to being part of the whole experience, and to meeting all of you.


So, if you haven't signed up yet, and can get to Richmond for the third session, jump! (Or should I say, jete?)


Carolyn ;o)

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Anybody interested in driving from the northeast to Richmond for the early August session? I'm planning to drive from western Massachusetts to save the plane fare and would love to have company for such a long drive. I have relatives in Springfield, VA right near Washington so had thought I would spend the night before camp there and only drive a couple of hours the day camp starts. That is not absolutely necessary, especially if I'm not keeping myself awake for the whole trip.



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I may be interested. I'm in central Maine, so western Mass is not too far. It takes me about 3 hours to get to Boston.


What day were you planning on leaving, Friday or Saturday? Have you thought about when you would come back? I know some people stayed an extra day last year. Let me know the particulars.



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Thanks for the response. I sent you a pm with the details.


Dancerlegs--check your pm file!


Old Shoe

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Guest *Lili*

Hi everyone!


Last month, I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it to ADC, but I now I'm pretty sure I will!!! :) Well if there is still some space available in the last august session.. :confused: I really hope so!! By friday, I'm waiting for an answer from my employer to get a week off. He said it's almost certain that it will be a yes, I'll have the confirmation tomorrow I hope!


Sylphide, when are you leaving for the second august session? Are you going alone or with some friends? If I can go, maybe we could meet and leave at the same time! Well if you're going by plane... J'espère vraiment qu'on se verra à Richmond! As-tu trouvé quelqu'un pour partager une chambre?

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