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ADC 2003 -- Who's Going When?

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Guest *Lili*



Yes, I am really excited to go to Richmond! Well.. hopefully if there is still some places available... I'm waiting for a response from Heidi, then from my boss tomorrow, and if everything is alright, I'm sending my application tomorrow! :) Wish me luck!


And I think that leaving saturday night would be a good idea. Plus, I have to travel about 6 hours to get to Montreal, and to Dorval airport. It would be great to have a travelling companion! Please wait until friday to buy your plane ticket. I will have my confirmation by then! And I can't wait to tomorrow!!


Are you going to FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL DE DANSE ENCORE?? I'm going myself this week-end!! :)

I went last year, and it was absolutely great!!! We had Martine Lamy (principal with National ballet of Canada) as a teacher in ballet master classes, and other great teachers in flexibility, jazz, yoga, etc! This week-end, it's true that ballet teachers are ex-dancers (principals) of the Opéra de Paris. I will have Wilfride Piollet in elementary adult, and Jean Guizerix will also be teaching ballet classes. I think that Roberto Campanella (ex dancer with NBC) will teach pas de deux... There are competitions all week-end long in every dance style (jazz, modern, ballet, hip hop, tap) that are all great to watch (and free!), we can watch every class we want, and there is a performance on saturday night with professional dancers. I strongly recommend this festival to everyone who love dance!

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Last I heard the late August session still had space. The first two sessions were close to filling up. Lets hope she has a successful run with all three!

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Guest *Lili*

It's now official, I'm going to ADC for the last session in august!!! :D Wow I'm so excited. I wouldn't have thought this could be possible... I'm sending my application this afternoon.


However I'm still looking for a roommate for the hotel. Please e-mail me at mdesbie22@hotmail.com if you're interested. Thanks! :)


I can't wait to be there!!

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Guest MKdance

I was just wondering about the celebration dinner on the last night of camp, and how formal or informal it is.(what type of attire is appropriate etc.) Thanks for any response in advance,and looking forward to meeting all of the June dancers soon!


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Last year, some people wore sunny dresses, jeans, shorts and others dressed up more. Whatever you are comfortable in, would be fine. Most people danced we did limbo contest last year. It was really cool.



Stacy :)

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Guest MKdance

Thanks stacy! I am having such a hard time deciding what to pack. I don't want to bring too much, but want to be prepared, so I am not underdressed. Your advice has helped alot! Thank you!!

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About packing: Barre Talk and I have learned from experience to pack a few dance clothes in a carry on bag to take on the plane. Both of us have had the experience of arriving in Richmond only to fnid our luggage off on a trip of it's own.

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Originally posted by 2 Left Feet

About packing:  Barre Talk and I have learned from experience to pack a few dance clothes in a carry on bag to take on the plane.  Both of us have had the experience of arriving in Richmond only to fnid our luggage off on a trip of it's own.


Allow me to re-cap the story...


When I arrived in Richmond for camp 2 years ago (on a Saturday night red-eye), one of my 2 suitcases didn't. It contained all my toiletries, extra shoes, and civilian (non-dance) clothes. Fortunately, my dancewear and dance bag were in the suitcase that arrived on time. You can buy a replacement toothbrush in a strange city on a Sunday, but men's tights and technique shoes are harder to find!


Fearing I'd be wearing my traveling clothes all week (or going out to dinner in tights), I became the first and best customer of the Richmond Ballet Auxillery's concession stand. United Airlines ended up reimbursing me for a whole bunch of Richmond Ballet T-shirts, sweatpants, and so on. My suitcase finally arrived on Wednesday.

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