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Until school starts...


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I have a few weeks until school starts. Unfortunately, the dance schools in my area don't teach for the month of August. (This is why I am leaving the area and going to a residency program.) I have two questions:

1. Is it ok to give myself class? I am 15 years old. OI don't want to develop a bunch of bad habits right before starting at a new school.

2. Can I use gym equipment safely without 'bulking up?' (My body doesn't gain muscle mass easily, but I don't want my muscles to become to bulky.)

Thanks for any helps/tips in advance!


P.S. I think this is my 30th post...can I possibly have buddy board access?

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Guest dncrgrrl

I often give myself a barre at home, I have a nice stage and mirror that I built in my garage. I just do what we have done in class, and it gives me an oppurtunity to experiment with different methods of doing things. I also lift weights (advanced weightlifting in HS) I'm just careful which ones I use. P.s. I believe I also have 30 posts, and today is my 14th day on the board :(

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Okay Steph and Eilis, you are both now on the Buddy Board! :(


As to working out at home, as long as you are in the upper division and know what you are doing, I think it's an excellent idea. And some work in the gym should be fine too, just nothing too heavy!


Steph, even residency programs have summer vacations! Almost all the schools are closed in August, except in NY of course. Some schools do offer one class a day for advanced level students to stay in shape, but not too many do that. A company school is probably more likely to do it than a residency school.

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I often worry about not dancing for the entire month of August as well! During the course of the year, sometimes you are sick, injurred (what ever the case may be) and you have to sit out and watch a ballet class. What I do is take a notebook with me to class whenever I know I will be sitting out and watching. I copy down all the combonations for that class...and take the notebook home. I am only 13 so I know I am not advanced enough to give myself a class. I found and still do find it affective to copy down an entire class when you have to sit out and then during those months when there aren't any classes for you to take, open the notebook and take the class that you have written down. I feel more comfortable with that, because someone else who knows my class's level and knows what I am capible of has given the combonations. I know that a lot of people don't end up sitting out much, but even if I copy down a class one time, I can still take that class more than once. Even taking the same class over and over again during that month helped me to get ready and stay in shape and flexible for the fall. It will be better than taking no class all month. So I don't know if that helps, but I find that personally, it helps me a lot :(

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Guest hesterlover1

Kind of like Jen said, sometimes when I give myself a barre I use exercises from Cecchetti exams--that way I don't have to think about the combinations at all, and I only think about getting my technique stronger. And I also write down favorite exercises sometimes so I can remember them. :(

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