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interesting topic. . please read, i need help!!

Guest kara

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Hello my fellow dancers!!

This is my first time on this message board, so I hope this is an ok question to ask. I have a good ballet body, except for a couple things: my outer thighs and my bottom. I was wondering if anyone had ANY tips on toning these problem spots down before I have to go onstage in Coppelia in a couple weeks!! Thank you so much in advance! :)

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Hi Kara, and welcome to the Young Dancers' forum on Ballet Talk here at Ballet Alert! Online! I'm afraid you're going to have to wait for email contacts, because nobody but the moderators can get your email address, but once you get on Buddy Board, which is a private forum, you can post your addie, and nobody will be able to see it but other teens. We do this as a sort of enhanced security thing for teens, in order to protect them from spam harvesters and other unwholesome people. You have to have 30 posts on the board, and have been on for at least 14 days on the board, so we're sure you're for real. Then ask to be admitted to the Buddy Board. We've had a couple fakes that we've booted and banned, when it became obvious that they were stalking "little ballerinas".


Now for the really bad news - in two weeks there is literally nothing you can do about remodeling your body to that extent. You could try wrapping, but the effects of that only last about an hour or your first glass of water, whichever comes first.

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Wrapping is a process that "guarantees" consolidation of flab, and reduction of body areas. It involves tightly wrapping the areas to be "reduced" in elastic bandages and leaving them on for quite some time while the victi...uh, client bakes under heat lights. All it does is squoosh the fat deposits for awhile and after a very short time, they let go again. Drink water, and it happens faster.

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Oh. . that does not sound like something I'd want to do. But I might have said something wrong before- I don't need to get toned down in two weeks- it's more like three months. Any other ideas?

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OK, now that the threads are together, and I realize that you have more time than I originally thought, we can do something. The first thing I want to tell you though, is that you should look at the women in your family. If they have "saddlebags" on the outside of the thighs and are kind of broad in the beam, you may be stuck! Stretching can overcome genetics to a certain extent, but the genes will ultimately win. Next thing that you should know is that the problem is probably deposits of fatty tissue. You will have to do a lot of stretching to redistribute this stuff in a more pleasing way. No amount of crash dieting will reduce these, it will probably make them more pronounced, so scratch that idea right away.


There are any number of stretches for the outer upper thighs, probably the most effective ones being the jambe à la main done while seated. That's the one where you grab the foot or ankle and extend the leg first to your front, then to your side, turn the leg in, turn it back out, and repeat with the other leg, the whole thing done while seated. (This is also great for hamstrings) Another thing you can do is simple leg lifts with no turnout done while lying on your side. These aren't high, just 45º, so you can do quite a few repeats of these, say 16, before changing legs. Elongating the glutes (the backside muscles) is a simple one. Stand in a loose second position and just hang forward. Bend toward one foot, then the other, and just hang out. Repeat as many times as you want, it's essentially harmless.

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