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closing fifth


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Hey, I have a question about closing fifth position in tondue front. It seems like however hard I try I always end up adjusting a little bit to get to my best position. I know you're supposed to close in one piece, but I can't feel what it should feel like to do so. Any suggestions would be helpful. :)



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Depending on the shape of your legs, this can be somewhat difficult. The key is to be really lifted off of your supporting leg as the working leg comes to fifth. If you are at all down in the standing leg, or the weight is too far back, then the working knee will bend as you try to make a fifth.

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Yeah, I'm hyper-extended, so that makes it harder I guess. I wil try to be more pulled up in my supporting leg though. Thanks!


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Guest TPMDdancer

I sort of have the same problem, except for a different reason. My knees are not totally aligned with my feet. so closing a fifth position is sort of hard for me too. I don't have the best turnout, on top of it, so my fifth looks even worse. I've found that I just have to fight for the position. :mad: and make an effort to close in a good fifth every time.

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Good. Just keep in mind that turnout (where the feet end up on the floor) is by a great degree, nearly entirely, a function of rotation (the degree of outward movement) of the femur in the hip joint. Keep working on the rotation, and the turnout will follow almost automatically.

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