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question about Pointe Magazine article


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I was reading the most recent issue of pointe magazine and came across an article about the audition for Aspen Santa Fe Ballet. At the end of the article the directors of the company gave some audition tips, I was hoping to get an opinion on something that was written...

"Also be aware that directors can spot repeat auditioners, something that can either work in your favor or detriment"


...I would like opinions because last year I auditioned for a company by taking company class and was not offered a position. It was my first time auditioning for companies and I didn't expect to get anything. This year however I have made a lot of progress and am planning to audition again hoping for an offer. I read this and was a little concerned. Feedback please!!! I was also wondering Ms Leigh if I would be able to post this on one of the other boards where I could get other opinions. What do you think? Thanks!!!

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kiki, I have not read the article, but I would be very surprised if directors remembered all returning auditionees, especially if they auditioned in one of the mass auditions. However, even if they do remember, if they see something they like this year, then I don't think that destroys your chances at all. In fact, some might even be more impressed that you returned after being rejected, and of course returned better and stronger!


As to posting this on another forum, I don't think that is a good idea, as when the same topic is on more than one forum it gets very confusing.

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Thank you so much Ms Leigh for responding. I understand what you mean about posting on more than one board. Do you think it would be possible or appropriate to move this topic to another board. I was hoping to get more responses and I think that some of the other adults might be able to offer advice also. Thanks!

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I think that they probably mean auditioning more than once in one year so I think auditioning a year later will not hurt year. In fact it is very common practice to audition again the next year somewhere you really want to go that you did not get in.


Some people think that it increases their chances of admission to audition at more than one location in one year. There was a discussion about this on the pointe magazine message board awhile ago and the general concensus is that it does not help and may even HURT your chances!

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Hi, skaballet, and welcome to the Young Dancers' forum here at Ballet Talk on Ballet Alert! Online!:)


Do you mean auditioning for the same program in more than one venue? If so, it will probably work against you, especially if the auditioner is the same. If the auditioner is different, who knows? But then, very often, you don't know who the auditioner will be.

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