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Moving On & Letting Go

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How old is your daughter? My dd was very shy too. Something happened last year at age 12 that started a change. She's getting a lot better now. It is very hard to change dance schools - leaving your friends and being the odd-person out in a new group of dancers. Is she leaving dance completely or just ballet? There is a possibility she just needs a little bit of time off and then be ready to go back or even start at a new school. That seems to happen a lot. Or how about private lessons? Good luck to you and hope things work out.

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My daughter is 13,she has already changed a bit,she used to be realy affraid to start something new,but I think it's always going to be difficult for her to make changes.She's not leaving dance completely,she stays in her jazzclass and would like to start modern and hiphop.Since those two are usualy started around her age,most of the girls will be new and it will be easier for her.

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Well it's great she's still in dance. Maybe it will be a good thing to take a little break from ballet. She may even find some new ballet friends in her modern and maybe even in her hip hop classes and return to ballet with a fresh perspective. It seems more and more girls are taking dance classes from every discipline.

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