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2marzipans, I too wish you and your DD well on your new life journey. I Lift a glass of wine to you..I have enjoyed our shared visions these past few yrs...it is indeed a decision our dancers must reach on their own and sometimes it just takes time to be comfortable with..my dancer is also changing her focus and has found she does so enjoy teaching and has applied to university..the path has changed but her passion has not..merde to all!! :)

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2marz--thank you so much for sharing and we wish you and your daughter the best. What a gift you have given her as a parent to transition when and how she saw best. You have been a wonderful voice here and I hope you will continue to do just that, be a voice of experience. I'll lift the glass with dbleon, but not in sadness, in joy for a dancer doing with life what they want to do with life. Here, here!

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Hope you continue to post, 2marzipans. Thank you for sharing your journey with all of us. We mothers know the road can turn one day and it's good to see that life goes on with such positive results. Pat yourself on the back for what a wonderful job you did as her mother!

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Thank you all so much for your kind words. This process is painful right now, and hopefully I'll be able to someday see a ballet again without feeling sad. Between this daughter and her older sister, we have been in the dance world for 20 years. I'm sure I'll keep posting for awhile - this site is a daily part of my life now.


To pointeprovider, dbleon, Mom of 3, and marigold - I wish all of your dancers much success and happiness.


To dbleon - Yes, we have been on a hard road these last few years. I was so happy to hear that your daughter loves teaching. The best of luck to her on her university application!


To Mom of 3 - Thanks again for all the words of wisdom. You and all the moderators are such a great help and inspiration.

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2marzipans and dblean...reading your news today and sending out a hug to you both as well. I know that this can't be easy, after all the years of commitment, but your DDs must certainly understand their own hearts and needs in this. I do appreciate the Gonzalez quote above, and can see that it can easily relate to our DKs in every stage of their lives. Marigold is right in this, we none of us truly know what the future holds. These dancers of ours have to come to terms with whatever life throws at them. Their ballet training is one of the training grounds which develops sheer staying power and strength. I hope that time will soothe your hearts as new focus, challenges, and dreams unfold. Please don't become strangers. Best of luck to your daughters and let us know what they are up to!

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We too have reached a decision regarding ballet training. DD has been away as junior at a pre-pro school with affiliated high school this year. She begged and begged to go away since a freshman in high school and we had finally decided this was the right year. A few weeks ago the she reached the decision not to return next year. I think she had been mulling this over since about February when she started thinking about post high school plans and wanting to attend college for something other than dance. It has not been an easy decision for her at all. She has been very conflicted, emotional and not wanting to have regrets in a year. However, once she made the decision and stood firm, it is like a ton of bricks has been lifted off of her. I think over the past few months the joy of dancing had left her and it became nothing more than work to her.


We will pick her up soon and I know she will miss all of her friends and people that she met while away very much. She is coming home and has decided not to return for the SI but take a break, learn how to drive, maybe work and pursue some other interests that have always taken a back seat. She planned he academic schedule for next year as well. I believe she plans to dance next fall, perhaps even this summer at her old local school but really not let it overwhelm her academics and life.


While it is sad and I may never see her perform again (thank heavens for all those DVD's we bought!) I know she has made the right decision for her and surprisingly it hasn't been that hard. A few tears through the decision making process but now we are all ready to move ahead. We do not regret her leaving home at all and know that this year has been so good for her. The training was outstanding and she improved so much. She actually had a more normal high school life while she was there as well.


We shall see what the rest of high school brings us and where she will ultimately end up. I think I would like her to audition for atleast one college dance program but the decision will be entirely hers. We just want her to be happy. We are so proud of her and her accomplishments and look forward to celebrating more.. but in other areas.


Best of luck to all you with dancers that still have the dream! This site has been a wealth of information and support for me over the years.

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taxis, I am sorry that the decision had to be made, but wish you and your DD a joyous summer where she can explore other parts of life. I am sure that now the decision is made the world looks like a more friendly and happy place.

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However, once she made the decision and stood firm, it is like a ton of bricks has been lifted off of her.

I think this says it all--good for her for having the fortitude to make the decision, and good for you for supporting her! :thumbsup:

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I agree taxis, that ton of bricks lifted is all that matters. Here's to a smooth transition into wherever life takes her.

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Congratulations on bringing up such a wise young woman who is able to make tough decisions like this, and seems to know herself very well. I know that this will be a big hole for you for a while, but your daughter will find new areas to excel in, and you will enjoy being part of a new passion with her. Dance will never leave her--what she has learned (appreciation of music, dance, and discipline) will serve her well all through her life.


I don't know if you have ever danced, or have an interest in doing it yourself, but now may be the time to explore dance yourself, to keep in touch with all that is lovely about ballet.

Best of luck to you and your daughter.

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Hi, taxis -


From one who has been in your shoes, I can tell you it gets easier and easier everyday. My daughter is happier than she has been in a long time. You never know what great thing is around the corner for your child. The best of luck to you and your daughter - I'm sure wonderful things lie ahead for her. Enjoy your summer and the relief of the decision made!

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Oh Taxis!!


All I can say is - may her new path be filled with joy and happiness! :thumbsup:

And kudos to you especially for guiding her to help her find it. You are truly a great parent for all your support and direction! It's never an easy road!

I have enjoyed your advice and guidance so much, and you yourself have been a wealth of support and information. All I can say is

THANK YOU :thumbsup: I wish you and your lovely DD all the best. :)

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taxis, our DDs know each other from SI 2008, and as I read your news, I cried. Of course I am very happy that your DD has chosen a path toward happiness, but many people have said that it's harder on the moms, and actually knowing your DD made this one hit close to home. I wish her all the best and send a big hug to you. She is a fabulous dancer and a good, intelligent, well-grounded person. She will do wonderfully in anything she chooses!

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Wow, such sad posts and such brave moms and daughters doing what is right for them. I salute you and wish you all much happiness.

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