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I'm looking at doing an audition tour in Europe next year-- a lot of the companies allow videos as an initial look, which is great because then I won't be auditioning if they aren't already interested. I have a video made, however, it is VHS. Should I have it converted to PAL? Which countries use which system? Maybe it would be better to have converted to DVD (hoping not because that is expsensive). I have a condensed class (15 minutes ish) and then a performance clip from Arabian (Nutcracker). Does that sound about right? Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.

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Before you spend any money, contact each company and find out if they accept VHS tapes. If not, then you will have to convert them. But many companies and schools have machine that will play both PAL and NTSC or whatever that is. We have one at our school, and I often get tapes from Europe in PAL format.

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Well, I'm using the Dance Directory, which lists which companies accept videos. So I would only be sending it to those I know do take them, should I still call and see if they would like it in something other than VHS? I'm kind of shy because I only speak English (and a tiny bit of French and Hebrew!) so I'm worried about understanding the secretaries, ect. Two companies specifically said that VHS was better, the others didn't mention a preference. Thanks.

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Guest Nadezhda

My guess would be, that schools which accept overseas students must have someone who speaks English well enough to understand the stuents and also to deal with all the office work in the foreign language. As English is the most widespread language, I believe they will understand you.


Just go ahead and try. It can't hurt. :)

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swanilda, don't be afraid that they won't speak english. especially with balletcompanies and schools, the directors, board and teachers speak english. in some countries better than in other, but they do speak english.


good luck with your auditions.



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