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I am auditioning for the Rock School on March 8, and I would like to know about the audition. Have any of you guys auditioned for Rock? That's where I really want to go if I don't come off the waiting list @ SAB. I would love to know if you thought the audition was hard, and what kind of stuff you had to do. I'm thirteen and I'll be auditioning with 13 and 14 year olds.

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Guest TPMDdancer

I went to the Rock audition a few weeks ago. It is one of those auditions where you find out if you got in the day of the audition. Unfortunitely, I did not get in, although I had the year before. I was in a different age group this year. I don't doubt that you'll get in though, since you're on the wait list for SAB. They stress the Balanchine technige, which I am not really accustomed to, so that was strange for me, but it sounds like you won't have a problem with it. Go and have fun!:)

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