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Rubber Legs

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Several weeks ago I pulled a muscle in my leg.To pin point the injury it is at the top and to the rear of my right leg.At the time of the injury it was quite painful.It is now less painful and some suppleness has returned.I still manage to attend a adult ballet class.


I have noticed that my leg tends to go stiff after driving my car and eases after walking.Should I continue doing stretching exercises ?.If so what are the best exercises to do to aid recovery ?.I would appreciate any advice.


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Yes, stretching before class, very gently, will help with the pain. And between classes or anytime, since you're well past the acute stage of the injury, try a hot application like a heating pad, to help ease the pain. The best exercise is really rest!

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Thankyou Mel, I will try a heat pad.

I have a pair of neoprene pants.I have wore them recently on several occasions and they help ease the pain.I only stretch my injured leg lightly and rest when it's possible.

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Yes, "poopy pants" work well because they trap the heat in your body and trap it close to your skin. The derivation of the name isn't directly from what you think, but comes from the submariner's "poopy suit" which they use for all sorts of emergencies, including loss of heating!

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I had to smile when I read your reply re- "poopy pants" I have never heard of that name.Over here in England we call them warm up pants.My pants fit from my waist down to just above my knees.They are made from the same material as wetsuits but much thinner.You are right they do hold the body heat in.


Anyone who can view my profile on Ballet Talk will also see that I am a water skier.I do not mix ballet and water skiing.If one were to try for the first position whilst water skiing things would part very quickly (joke) please do not try this at home.

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